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Tigers Image

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This week we created digital Objective Angles Summaries from our short story," Good Enough."
We recorded them using LetsRecap.

 Here are a few Sketchnotes from students about how to create an Angled Objective Summary

.... and description of the conflict as well as type of conflict in the story.

One pair of students shared this:

  In good enough, the conflict was Dori wanted an expensive shirt that everyone had. For her birthday, she got an imitation shirt, because her family didn't have the money. She went to school in her “Orion” and the group she wanted to join noticed her fake, and made fun of her.

  The conflict was man versus man, and was external because the reason Dori wanted the shirt was because all the popular kids were wearing it. She wore the shirt to school, and tried to join the popular kids, but they knew she was wearing a fake.

What a great descriptive example with much vivid detail!

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